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Default RME AIO Maximum Inputs?

In a recent attempt to upgrade my recording rig I wound up overspending and it doesn't at all appear to work the way I'd hoped.

Did I buy all the wrong shit?

What I tried to achieve:
An ultra low latency, internal card setup with at least 16 ins (8 pre, 8 line) and 8 outs for less than $1k (seems largely impossible without resorting to decade+ old gear).

Shit I bought:
RME AIO with the 4 channel in and out cards
Clarett OctoPre
Digimax FS

I did a lot of research; though apparently not enough because I was sure I would be able to daisy chain the racks via optical ADAT into the RME for 16 analog inputs, but AFACT, that's not possible, even though the OctoPre manual suggests that it can be daisy chained through and 8Pre for 16 channels of ADAT. I guess that depends on the limitations of the card at the end of the chain... If only the card could use both optical as inputs!

Is the only way to use all 38 touted channels of the AIO card to purchase every available extension card and breakout cable, something that outputs AES, and ADAT only gives 8 from outside?

With RME's claim that "this card makes the dream of an All-In-One solution for every possible application come true," I'd be incredibly disappointed to find that I'm not easily able to replace my 16 ch Onyx firewire mixer...

So how do I make use of all this IO? Should I have gone for RayDAT or some old PCI 9652? Should I just trade it all in and look at something else?

Anyone know how big of a latency advantage PCIe has over PCI on these RME cards?

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