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Default Automation - disable "return to default"

Just completed my first commercial project with Reaper - I'm diggin it

One thing that eludes me - in standard automation Write mode, the envelope always "snaps" back to a default value as soon as you leave Write mode. In the Preferences there's an option to choose how long this "snap" will take (Editing Behavior --> Automation --> "Automation recording return speed").

...but I don't want it to return to any default, ever. If I move something, it's because I want it to stay there In every other DAW, engaging Write on a track with no existing data leaves the parameter at whatever value it was when you leave Write. (Unless there is already data there and you are doing a Touch/Punch etc).

I see how I can adjust the "return" speed, but no way to disable the "return" entirely. At the moment I'm deleting that additional unwanted point every time I record automation.

Any suggestions from the gurus are appreciated
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