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Default mtc timecode sync


i thinking about hooking two cards together to record a bit more channels than i have with one card. so idea this far is to take one multitrack hdd recorder, output mtc midi clock and then sync. so far i was experimenting with two different computers and two different cards synced through midi. i noticed that slave is starting to record about 3/4 of bar late. ill try to rec some real signal tomorrow, but just wanted to know if anyone have tried this and will it work properly? will two be in sync when imported together in one project?
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I used to do that some 10+ years ago with Akai DPS12 and computer. Computers were not very powerful for audio back then. It worked quite ok. MTC sync is not anywhere near to be sample accurate, so phasing issues may occur in simultaneously recorded tracks. Most of the time that was not a problem though.

Of course the best solution is to get an audio interface with adequate number of inputs, much less hassle.

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The way to sync would be sending Word Clock from one card to the other. Different cards deal with this in different ways and some can't acheive sync due to a lack of sync connectors or inability to do anything with the signal. Some have a WC connection, some can do it extracting the sync from S/P-DIF (M-Audio), some from ADAT, and some even by proprietary methods.

I use SMPTE when synching multitrack HDD recorders together, but they're locked to WC and merely use the SMPTE (or MTC) to align their position counters (HH:MM:SS:FF)

I hope this means something to you. I can go deeper if you need anything explaining.

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