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Default Reaktor 5.6.2 question: Load 3rd party

Thanks for looking here.
I have a 3rd party Sound Bank that I can almost get to stay in Reaktor but when I re open the program it in no longer there. I have looked through the app manual but I can't find it correct info. If you know the way to load sound banks in so they remain there I would really like to know how. Or maybe you can direct me to the manual pages.This problem is with the Razor program in Reaktor 5.6.2.
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perhaps your issue is related to the reaktor checkbox "store map with module".
it needs to be checked for the actual samples to be stored with the ENS which goes beyond just saving the sample reference paths with the ENS.

and, of course, after saving a snapshot in the ENS, the ENS itself needs to be saved also.

hope this helps.
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