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Default Shopping around for a live performance host

Once I'm familiar with the market, I can then move on to figuring out what sort of portable rig I need to build to suit the host I want to use.
So far the big names seem to be Cantabile and Gig Performer, with some other names popping up on KVR. I was a little surprised to see the market leans heavily towards Windows not Apple. I'm not particularly tied to Apple products, but it was the opposite of what I was expecting to see.

Anyway, let's talk features. I'm not aiming to do much looping, sample cueing, or solo work in general. Don't need a curated library of sounds, already done the curation myself. I am aiming to play lots of Hammond, Mellotron, Rhodes piano, etc, live as a bandmember. (vb3, soundfonts and MTron, MrRay73, etc.)

- Save instrument with fx-chain, recallable by MIDI event. Say, a button press on my controller, to advance to the next entry in the set list, or some other method. The less mouse fiddling I can do live the better.
- Mapable MIDI CC/MIDI learn. I may want to tweak parameters live, such as tremolo on the Rhodes, overdrive on the Hammond, or lowpass on the Mellotron, etc.
- Prefer to have velocity curves as part of preset, not from my controller. Only reason why is some of my Mellotron sounds are basic soundfonts, and it's clunky to go from continuous curves to fixed levels on the controller. If the host could ignore velocity information on certain presets, that'd be grand.

Usually the obvious answer would be to download trials and test drive these programs. However none of my current computers are even capable of meeting minimum system reqs, so going to have to rely on discussion.
What springs to people's minds? Thanks.
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it's currently happening ?
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