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Default MIDI device immediate detection


I think Reaper needs an immediate MIDI device detection. You hook up your controller and Reaper detects it at once.

If this feature will be added, we won't need to restart Reaper if we need to connect a new MIDI controller during the session.

For now (in my case, anyway), if I need to connect a controller while I have some session in Reaper open, it won't detect it. So I need to restart the DAW to accomplish it. Obviously, that would be much helpful and faster if Reaper could detect new devices immediately. Logic can do that, for example.
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No need to restart. Just run the action "Reset all MIDI devices".
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You can set a shortcut to the action 41175 "Reset all MIDI devices" as well.
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With my live setup I even automated it and call the action if e.g. there is no input from the master keyboard for some time.

This allows to switch on the master keyboard when Reaper is already running. (The damned VCP1 can't be set to start when power is connected. You need to press a button .

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