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Default Midi Sync Issues

I've tried all the time code gizmos I could find here and I've come to the conclusion that when it comes to sending sync, Reaper is junk... sync just doesn't work... There are other products on the market that just destroy it with regard to sync...

Also, what I've learned from poking around the forum is that Cockos doesn't really seem to care that it's junk...

That's too bad... It's a great program... With a great big hole in it's functionality...
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If you're talking about external synths, I have to agree. I don't understand why MIDI is so poor in Reaper in that regard. Make one audio move while you're synching to an external synth, and the external sequence timing goes to hell. This is the ONLY DAW with which I've experienced that.

Thankfully, Reaper doesn't have the same issue with 'in the box' VSTi's, but I keep Cubase around specifically for that reason and also the times when I can't abide the jerky jump in audio whenever I initially create track automation with a fader on my DM24 control surface. I wish it were perfect. But even with those issues, I prefer to use Reaper (something like 90 percent of the time, now).
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Hm, I send sync to a hardware synth and never had any issues with it. Delay, LFO etc all keep beat.
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