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Default Osc Help....

So, with all the osc stuff going on I thought I would give it a try myself.
I`m on android and I have found a decent(ish) osc program called control.
It looks like a pain to make your own interface but I`m prepared to put in the time for the end result.
Now to my question, when you allow action binding with osc does it allow for feedback aswell?
I tried a simple slider and managed to get it to control selected track volume but when I adjusted the slider in reaper it didnt move the slider on my phone.

Do I need to build my own template to get the full benefit or can it work with just assigned actions?

Sorry if I sound a bit dumb but there you go

EDIT: Neva mind, I got it working but yeah, I do have to basically dig in and build my own template
Sorry for the confusion.

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