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Default Q: Generating MIDI for Sliced Audio parts

Hi guys, my first post here.
Thanks for the opportunity to participate on this.

My question is: How can I slice a beat (vinyl drum sample loop - all apart) and use the start point from each of those slices like a MIDI data trigger???

I mean, we can use the "D" shortcut, slice it and generate the MIDI.
I know that.
BUT I don't want to use that in some cases. Because the auto slicer process is not getting the drums properly. Sometimes the snares are perfectly detected but it can't "see" the hi-hats.
And if I set it up to find the hi-hats properly, then it cuts the audio like crazy.
And if I start to mess with the number of slices, it never gets to the correct number to get all those hits properly. So, I'm almost fighting against an imaginary lethal beast here...

So, maybe if I could slice part by part by myself (not the ideal agile process) and THEN use the start point from each piece like a MIDI reference, chew, I could get it DONE.

Is that possible?
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try the JS FX stillwell/drumtrigger.

DarkStar ... interesting, if true. . . . Inspired by ...
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