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Default Help with OSC and meters

Me and another guy are building a custom STM32-based control surface. We would love to put a REAPER-driven real VU meter onto it (driving a simple analog voltage meter with PWM), however REAPER's OSC "VU" messages are actually just peak level messages, so we can't use them as a base for a VU meter.

We can't really turn peak values into VU values either because the sampling frequency is too low, and there isn't an option to output proper VU values from within REAPER with OSC, by default. So we're exploring a possibility for a third one - capture proper peak values from within REAPER and transmit them via OSC.

The first thing that came to mind is to create a plugin to do this (capture volume information, convert it to VU/RMS/PPM info and transmit it over OSC via hooks into REAPER API), however this comes with huge disadvantages - we can't measure post-fader values, and we have to put this plugin on every track. So the next best thing is to create a REAPER extension (either Lua/Python or a .dll, SWS style) that will gather this information.

However, REAPER API does not appear to allow capturing audiostream (either per-sample or per-buffer) from currently selected track. I can understand why that's done (this could be a huge performance hit), but it's still a bummer.

Are there any other ways to get this information that i'm not seeing?
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