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Default X Touch following Reaper Tracks.

Hi, ive got a x32 with xtouch for recording in Rec mode, to make VSC in Play mode, and for making Studio Songs, i do mix in the box in Reaper with Audient Soundcard, not the behringer.

But for editing, mixing and mastering in the box with reaper, i want to use the xtouch as my mouse companion.

At the moment, if i choose tracks, my xtouch chooses always another fader, i have to look and touch the right fader.
But i want to use it like a kind of xtouch one, the left hand stays on one fader, and the highlighted track will be connected to that one fader (in my case it should be no8). I could even hide the other 7 Faders with a piece of wood, not to use it.

How can i force xtouch to use only 1 channel fader?

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