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Default Play cursor twitching

Many people complain that playback cursor does not move smoothly. The twitching playhead has been complained about for years and there is no fix. It would be nice if there was an option to smooth cursor motion.
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It would be great
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I'm using Reaper 6.11 on Windows 10. After I hit the play transport button, the play cursor always freezes for about 3 seconds before catching up to the song on the timeline. This issue happens every single time without fail. And it does not matter if I create a fresh new project with just a single audio track without any plugins. The minute I hit play the play cursor freezes and resumes again after a couple of seconds.

I so much want Reaper to be my primary DAW, but this problem is becoming very annoying each time I use Reaper. Can anyone provide any suggestions as to how to address this issue?

First, I created a copy of Reaper's resource folder as backup and then I was able to fix this issue by resetting Reaper's configuration to factory defaults. It took me some time to configure all my settings back as before but I'm glad I was able to get Reaper working right again.
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+1 - the sluggish/flickering/jumping cursor is really annoying.
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Dear developers, do something about it. This is very annoying.
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After a while my arrange cursor stopped twitching but I still have the midi editor doing it, and it's pretty bad.

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