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Default Flush FX Buffer on Bypass

At this time, when you automate the Bypass parameter of any plugin, its buffer does not get cleared. For example, if you were to automate a reverb on>off>on again, it would keep playing the reverb tail right from where it stopped before being turned off. Why is this important? Because it prevents us from using neat tricks like this: https://youtu.be/ZcICh7UsPuU?t=127

I had tested 3 other daws (Ableton Live, FL, Cubase) and Reaper is the only one exhibiting this behavior when automating Bypass. I love this DAW to death and it would be fantastic if you could either change this behavior on default, or give us an option to flush FX buffers on bypass somewhere in Preferences.

Much thanks, and I hope you take this into consideration.
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This could be a very useful feature if integrated to reaper's default behavior, and I doubt it would cause issues on any existing projects. I think this behavior would improve reaper for the best
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+1 Absolutely, very useful and important when using Reaper as a live host for FX.
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I was attempting to achieve a similar goal and came across this thread.

I had hoped that there would be a suitable command that could be used with an action marker. There does not appear to be.

I found the SWS actions to 'flush fx on stop' and to 'flush when looping'. These don't solve the problem of flushing (one or multiple) fx _during_ playback.

+1 for an option to flush FX during playback, ideally

* per VST
* accessible through automation

i suspect that a new command would make more sense than retooling bypass, but that isn't my wheelhouse.

As always, thank you Reaper devs and community.
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+1 for the option but also keep the current behaviour. The current behavior can be useful for example if you have a long reverb tail and want to have interruptions but keep having it fade out without retriggering it.
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Yeah , this has been asked before, it would be more flexible since Current behaviour could still be done by automating wet 0 or 100%, and we could have a new musical/sound design approach which makes more sense.
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