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Default What's the communication format/standard/protocol of this microphone?

I recently repurposed an old laptop screen (from a Dell XPS L502x) as external monitor, and then made the built-in webcam work without too much fuss.

The camera module also has an embedded microphone, and I'd like to see if I can make that work as well.

I was naively expecting an analogue signal all the way to the sound card. However, the two wires for the microphone seem to be carrying a digital signal, one being DMIC-CLK1/2 and the other GPIO0 / DMIC-1/2. They were connected to pins 46 and 2 respectively on a Realtek ALC665(http://www.kynix.com/Detail/971228/ALC665.html).

I tried to figure out whether there was any recognizable standard for this microphone's signal, but I couldn't make much sense of the docs.

So what is the communication format/standard/protocol of this microphone? Can I turn this microphone into something usable? Convert the signal back to analogue, maybe? Or will it work out of the box if I just make it a jack cable and connect it to my mic in? Would this work with another Realtek "HD Audio Codec" card only?

Here is a picture of the full webcam module:
see the attachment (G4S4Ptul.jpg)

The back displays the name of the module, "HannStar J QCM20Q-1" but no luck finding documentation online, only offers for used parts.

From left to right the main structures on the front side are:

·a big coil, L3
·a small chip, U2, with "ETF" and some dots written on it
·a partly peeled-off sticker with some product numbers
·the orifice of the microphone
·some metal cover I can't remove
·the webcam lense
·the connector (7 wires, with two mass) above some test points
·a chip with "cFeon F10-100GIP" written on it, apparently this is a memory chip.

Back and front have same top/bottom and opposite left/right, so the microphone is where "PAD L1" is on the back.
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