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Default Thou Swell

Once or twice a year I make the pilgrimage. Reaper works pretty well in Wine using the special installer, but every time I upgrade Linux (twice a year) or there is an update to Reaper, I face the issue of going through the install process all over again.

I have done a few projects on an Atom based computer and that works surprisingly well using just Cockos plugins.

I am very encouraged to see that the key issue is the SWELL wrapper and that it is already working on the Apple, Unix-derived, OS.

If... when the native port is complete, I will buy two new licences: one for Linux and one for Windows. Only the Linux port will actually be used. I still use Windows for Adobe Creative Suite V2 and Cubase SX2. I haven't upgraded them for years. There are one or two other specialist programs that also work best on Windows.

I'm not holding my breath, so watch out for plosive sounds.
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