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Mysterious stuff happens on High Sierra.

Before running the script I had
<string><PLUG_MFR_ID value></string>

and after I have
<string><PLUG_UNIQUE_ID value></string>

Fine. But this brought up auval issues. The error loks like this:
FATAL ERROR: OpenAComponent: result: -1,0xFFFFFFFF
Program ended with exit code: 2

The AU version of the plugin didn't show up even in Reaper. Changing this one plist string back to original helped. I tried it several times.

However, if I keep the new version of plist, this error appears and disappears randomly on subsequent reboots! Wtf is wrong with macOS? Why does it have to be so excruciating even to get the consistent failure? These are ritorical questions.

Upd 1: oh, no, it gets better. Now I sometimes get
FATAL ERROR: OpenAComponent: result: -3000,0xFFFFF448
with the old version of the CFBundleSignature after a reboot. Or, when my plugin passes the validation in Logic, this daw immidiately shows a message that it cannot be used on my system.

Upd 2:
Now I've achieved
ERROR: -3000 IN CALL ClassInfo::GetProperty() call doesn't work when it is supposed to.
with exactly the same set of actions.

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