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Default Lock Arrange and Mixer tracks to Zones

It would be amazing if we could lock tracks to zones in the TCP Arrange and the Mixer.


One of the really great things about Cubase 8 is the ability to lock Tracks in the arrange to two separate zones. This is particularly useful for the user to lock tempo track, marker track, dialogue, temp music and sound fx track to the top of the arrange window so that it is always visible regardless of scrolling in the lower zone. Currently when a user scrolls down in the arrange window they lose all their marker names and tempo changes. There are vertical lines in the range to indicate the markers and tempo but no way to see the name or description of the markers. There is also no way to keep production tracks (DX, TEMP, SFX) locked currently in reaper.


In Cubase the user has the ability to lock track in the mixer to three separate zones. I would use the left zone for Dialogue, Temp Music, Sound FX and Click tracks. I would place all my busses and auxes in the left zone. The center zone was only one track zoom wide but contained all other instrument and audio tracks in my session. When I selected a track in the arrange page, it would scroll the center zone to that track but lock the left and right zone in place. That way I could always see my selected track, production tracks and busses at the same time.
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Default Multiple Mixers

The user could accomplish at least the mixer zone request if they had the option to dock multiple mixers. I know I'm probably beating a dead horse here but, we really really do need the option to have multiple mixer views open. This would also solve the problem of a user wanting both an inspector and a mixer open at the same time.

Is there some sort of CPU problem with adding the multiple mixer option?
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+1 for this. Multiple mixers and also multiple arrange windows would be very useful.
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I would also enjoy having multiple mixers. It opens to possibility of a mixer and an inspector track at the same time.
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