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Default Bug with strange track "auto-zoom-snapping" with tracks at bottom

here is a weird thing happening, that is very annoying (at least for me). This makes it impossible to resize lower tracks to an exact position. Happens ever since I use REAPER.
This only happens, when an empty track area is visible at the bottom while resizing. When resizing tracks at the top there's no snapping.
Needs to have more than one track in project, if there's only one track, all is good.
It's happening with other themes also.

I first posted it in the Q&A thread, but to no avail.
This quote from there describes it a little more detailed:
Originally Posted by Pet View Post
...problem is not the size the track "collapses" to, but the "how" it does this. I'm moving the mouse slowly and constantly upwards and suddenly (marked with "THIS!!!" in the gif) it changes automatically without me doing something else. There's nothing cut out or modified in the gif, it's real-time.
I can change the size in the preferences, than it "jumps" to that (Small/Medium/Large) size. But I can not drag the track #10 to let's say right under the element row.
It can perfectly be done with the upper tracks, but as soon as an empty track area is visible at the bottom, it "snaps".
Thread: Q: Can this track behaviour be turned off? Help needed!

Win10 64bit, Reaper 64bit, tested on several pre's (portable)

Is it possible to fix this?

Greetings, Peter

PS: Just out of curiosity I've tried it with REAPER v4.78 64bit portable: same behaviour...
If the v5 Default Theme is too bright for you take a gander at my mod of it: Default v5 Dark Theme

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