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Default Playtime Question

What I'm looking for is an all-in-one-box editor and play-on play-off button-actuated clip player. I may have as many as 40 play-on/off live cues for live awards presentations. A hardware box that works is called Instant Replay.
But the editing in no way rivals a DAW like Reaper.

Function would be simply: import audio to the reaper track, edit, eq and level adjust. Then assign this clip to a button on the screen. (Also, assigning to hardware buttons for live is always better if possible.)

Any Thoughts?
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VID clips question....

How to trigger them so they lock and loop? When I trigger a 20 second clip, unless i hold the midi key, it stops to the beat.... any help would be greatly appreciated!
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Default Help for visually impaired Reapers

Hi Ben,
First of all, thanks so much for your hard work on this project!
As a blind creator, I would love to be able to use Playtime.
I use Reaper with the addition of an extension called Osara and it gives blind users access with a screen reader, and the ability to use most functions in Reaper.
I know that there are many of us who would like the ability to launch clips ETC.
I would personally love to use reaper and PlayTime as a live looper and play clips and loops along with my live playing.

anyway, I just wanted to mention that there are a few of us interested, and exploring PlayTime to see what suggestions we can make to make it possible for us to use PlayTime.

thanks so much!
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Default interacting with PlayTime from outside the playtime window

Hi folks,
@PitchSlap and @Helgoboss,

@PitchSlap, I would really love to use Playtime as a live looper. How are you efforts coming on this front?

I happen to be blind. I can use Reaper just fine with my screen reader, but the Playtime window is unaccessible with the extention that makes Reaper accessible.
However, since so many aspects of PT are able to be controlled by midi, I think it could be possible to use without interacting with the interface at this point.

Pitchslap, have you been able to improve the midi learn functions for Playtime from outside of Playtime? How is this done? Can i set up a button to select and activate a slot, record in to that slot, play and stop that slot?

I am really excited about using Playtime because I love using Reaper.

thanks all!
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Wow, I didn't know this plugin existed. Once I learn Reaper better I would like to try it; thanks for your work!
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