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Default Reaverb Deconvolve Issue

I've been attempting to use reaverb to create my own reverb Impulse Responses. The issue is when I deconvolve the recorded audio, with the test tone used, I end up with a final IR with a sine sweep audible in any audio sent through it. It is what you might expect if you didn't deconvolve the recorded audio. I have searched for hours on end and I haven't found any solutions. I've tried different sample rates, bit depths and test tone lengths, all with similar, but incorrect results. The 30 second sweep ended up with a 30 second IR that had decent early reflections but they were followed by several seconds of sweeping ambience. The 4 second test tone resulted in decent early reflections followed by a 1/2 note delay with 5 or 6 repeats. Not at all what the reverb actually sounds like. Some one please help, am I missing something? It seems like an issue with the deconvolve process. Could this be a bug?

Running Reaper 5.35 64 bit on Windows 10.0.14393 Dell Inspiron 3847 i7 4790 quad core @ 3.6 GHz with 16GB ddr3 RAM and a motu 16A interface with current drivers and software.

Sorry if this isn't the best place for this thread, but I can't figure out how to delete it now.

Thanks for any help

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Can't help as I'm looking for information on this subject, but I got bizarre results using it, couldn't hear a sweep just what sounds like a digital synth guitar feeding back. My sound design brain thinks it could be fun to mess around with that. But it's not behaving as it should and I got the same as you, whatever length test tone is the length of the de-convolved IR, which obviously isn't right.

Normally I would just use a spike to make pretty decent IR's but this thing I'm sampling the noise floor is a bit too high so I just wanted to see if a sine sweep deconvolution would help.

There doesn't seem to be much call for deconvolution software, voxengo is the only one I can think of and it's Windows only.
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TBH-the module just does not seem to work right-whichever way I've gone about it.Inconsistant results-and a severe lack of decent documentation or video tutorials on basic/complex uses.
It works,but it's just strange in practice.
Could do with a massive update {imo} and a decent reainspection from those 'in the know'.
May be put to better use here then I guess...
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