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Default Apollo Twin Mk2 (Duo, Quad)

Dear Reapers

I've been reading about the new interface above. I'm almost in a position to career headlong into investing the $$$$ but first would appreciate any feedback from our most distinguished company of Reapers.

I'm particularly interested to learn from Reaper users about:

Latency (during Tracking, Mixing. Either Monitoring and printing wet or dry, both options available on this series of interface).
I know the monitoring is done through DSP of the Apollo, but some of the UA plugins are heavy users and, so I understood from my reading, can result in some latency, even considering the processing is being handled by Apollo CPU's (Duo/Quad).

I learned over the years to always go for the device (iphone, computer, whatever) with the most and fastest chip/memory/etc so I'm looking at the Quad version of Apollo. Any feedback from regular users with Reaper regarding compatability, and number of UA plugins that can be reliably run during Tracking/Mixdown/Editing would be appreciated.

For info, I run MacAir single core i7 device with SSD and 8GB RAM, (no problem to date running even large programs like Omnisphere, in multitrack Reaper projects).

Thanks in advance,

As always, apologies if this has been covered in another thread,

MacBook Air TC Studio Konnect48 Apollo Twin Mk 2 Quad
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