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Default The amazing Qunexus unleashed plugin now in the stash


Did you purchase a Qunexus or KBoard with the dream that, finally, you'd be playing those searing guitar solos, with vibrato and pitch bends. Did your dream founder on the limitations of the standard firmware and the innate inconsistencies of the keyboard response from note to note?

Well if so, this plugin's for you!. Featuring sophisticated autocalibration, gesture recognition for pitch bend and modulation and more, it directly processes the raw sensor stream from the device. No firmware changes required, and your standard presets will not be affected. Works with both Qunexus and KBoard.

If your budget doesn't stretch to the Seaboard, this provides a pretty good alternative. The Qunexus/KBoard becomes a living, breathing instrument with perfectly even key response, and infinite sensitivity. This has taken me a heck of a lot of hours to develop but I am gifting it to you in the hope that some wonderful creativity will come from these amazing little keyboards which have far more potential than the standard firmware permits.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I do!....
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You just made my weekend. Nice work ajaym! I like my QuNexus but this increases its usefulness considerably. Is there any way I can send you enough money for a beer or something just to say thanks?
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v1.1 now in stash. Changes

1. Additional slider to control minimum pressure release threshold
2. Pressure linearly interpolated across changes to provide smoother response
3. Pressure computed by averaging key pressure instead of using highest key
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