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Default Item content drag destroys fades

Dragging an item's content (using the "Move item contents" mouse modifier actions) destroys both crossfades (at start of item and end of item) with global option auto-crossfade on. When auto-crossfade is off, it works correctly.

Dragging the content of an item should have no impact on the fades at either end independent of the auto-crossfade setting. One has nothing to do with the other. Auto-crossfade should apply only to when you are moving the item itself when dragging it, not when you are moving the content of the item.

One needs to be able to move the content of items to adjust crossfade join points (as shown in the video) and the status of auto-crossfade has nothing to do with that, because the item itself is not being moved.

See video below which first shows the correct behavior with auto-crossfade off and then the incorrect behavior with auto-crossfade on.

@Justin and @Schwa can this be fixed?

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