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lowkey outlaw beats
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Default Opening Waves plugin GUI adds almost 20% CPU usage

Any time I open any plugin (VST or VST3, all 64 bit) there is a CPU hit, some smaller than others. However, Waves plugins (ver 10 or 11) cause an almost 20% CPU increase! It goes back down as soon as I close the GUI. This will obviously be a problem down the line, as 20% adds up quick!

4.2 Ghz 6-core
W10 Pro x64
All drivers and software up to date
Windows 10 up to date
GT 730 2GB

I doubt it's the video card. It's not great but it plays GTA IV ok. Should be enough to run a DAW and ONE dang plugin GUI.

Any help much appreciated.
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Haven`t bothered to check my cpu hit with waves but since they use their own shell system to translate to VST format, it may well be that you only get the 20% hit once. I`ll do a quick check on my system.
O.K. Something not right here. First off, How & where are you measuring cpu usage? Using the performance meter view in Reaper, I just put up one of my projects that already uses several pretty heavy duty VSTi and added a huge bunch of Waves stuff.

In the PM I never managed to get over 8 percent.

So unless you are reading your cpu load elsewhere it would seem there is something else at play here. I assume you 4.2ghz 6 core is some sort of i3 i5 i7??
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I see a surprising CPU load increase opening some Waves plug-in UIs, as reported in the REAPER performance meter, under 'total CPU'.

For example Waves Abbey Road Plates (stereo, VST3) in an otherwise very lightweight project that seems to use only 3-4% CPU total when the effect UI is closed, jumps to 15% when the UI is open. No idea what's up with that!

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