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Default Low level static with REAINSERT

RIG> Windows 64, AMD Ryzen 2700x, Motu 828es, Ferrofish Pulse 16 AD/DA

Hey guys. So I'm having an issue I was wondering if you guys knew about. Whenever I use REAINSERT to route hardware such as compressors or EQ's I get this low level static. I can only hear it when my speakers are cranked all the way.
I have tried different plugs. I even tried plugging all my hardware into an isolation transformer. I'm thinking its something in preferences?
It does it with all my hardware. Some worse than others.

Rig: AMD 2700x, Motu 828es, Ferrofish pulse 16 AD/DA, Akai MPK 249, Kemper, Heritage Audio, Rupert Neve Designs, IGS, BAE, JDK Audio, Warm Audio, Pultec, Empirical Labs.
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are you saying this doesn't happen when you don't use ReaInsert? Just routing through your hardware to your speakers for example
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