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Default Am I heading in the right direction?

So here is my first "real" full mix. A few things to keep in mind....the drums were recorded with a single sm48 mic. I realize that isn't ideal and I am waiting for the rest of my stuff to get here so I can properly mic the drums. And also the drums were played by my 10 year old son who has only been playing drums for about a month now. the volume differences on the drum track made it difficult to mix even with a compressor on the track. I probably could have gone in with an envelope filter and adjusted each hit that was louder than the others but that's a lot of work for just a practice track. I will definitely put more time into a properly recorded mix.

but aside from all that what else do I need to pay attention to? What am I overlooking? Thanks!!

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He goes okay on the drums
One thing I noticed is the guitars are lacking in top end, the cymbals are nice and bright but the guitar sounds like there is carpet hanging over the front of the amp cabinets. I like the sound of the snare, some reverb on it would sound nice, but since you only used one mic it is a bit hard to do that without a lot of automation.

Other than that, I'm sure once you get all your gear relocated and have another go at it, it will sound pretty good.
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