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Default Sidechain problem

So I'm trying to sidechain a kick drum track into a bass track. The problem I'm having is that even though I have it routed so it goes from Audio 1/2 --> 3/4 it creates a rumble from the kick drum track. What's causing this and is there anyway to get rid of this?

Thanks :P

Just to update - When I turn off the VST I'm using in the bass track (by unticking the FX box) the rumble from the kick drum goes away. This is really odd :P Although it seems it's triggering the bass synth in that case, how do I stop that hmmmmm

So perhaps it's triggering midi even though I only want it to trigger the compressor...any help appreciated

Another update - I bounced down the bass track to audio and used the audio track to sidechain instead, so there's a workaround, would still be interested to know if there was a different way around that :P

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