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Default Studio Broadcast link?

Hi, I'm new to this forum and came across NINJAM following my interest in REAPER. I'll be glad of your experience and advice in the application below...

I have a requirement to run a stereo outside broadcast link between the studio and remote location. Has anybody tried using NINJAM for this application, or similar, where they would play a stereo music feed from one location to the other, and then reverse the direction, or even hold conversations between both locations?

Thanks in anticipation.
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Human being with feelings
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I wouldn't expect it to work well for this application, although the "voice chat" mode might do.

Also check out something like this (one directional, admittedly, not interactive)

Your two locations might both connect to a common server using chat mode, with the server streaming to icecast somehow (a third reaper client, perhaps). You'd need to have some realistic testing done to see what the latency did to things, however...
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