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Default Inconsistent shift-overrides

When snap is enabled, there are many contexts where holding down the shift key will override. This is very useful for making precise and fast snap-free edits in contexts where you generally want snap enabled.

But there are places where the shift doesn't override and where intuitively you'd expect and want it to, so that the snap setting has to be actually be disabled in order to "override" snap (and then re-enabled, so it's not really "override" at all, but a back and forth mode change, with the "and forth" part easily overlooked almost like a forced user-error.)

And the shift-override doesn't work when snap is already disabled, so that holding shift would enable a snap edit. It should.

Two places where this really should be more consistent is in setting loop points, and moving the play/edit cursor in the timeline. This is not an issue with setting loop points, where the shift override works beautifully.
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