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Default Scroll issue on Mac

Hi! I can scroll all inputs like this on PC, but can`t on mac. Can i fix this?
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i looked into this... and with the scrolling of menus via mouse over, its often a setting within accessibility where a checkbox needs to be ticked... but not in this particular case at least not with the scroll wheel...

but as you know you can click the menu and then select... a small inconvenience
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Default Similar issue

After upgrading to Sonoma this past week (14.3.1), I'm experiencing a similar issue (screencap below). My mouse scroll wheel used to allow me to navigate up and down a long list of tracks when routing send/receives via right-click. Now, the list is unresponsive to scrolling. Instead, the timeline zooms in and out as if there wasn't a list visible at all. Unfortunately, turning off scripts didn't help. I'm hoping this can be fixed soon in Reaper 7.12 or MacOS 14.3.2 soon 🙏 I'm surprised how much time it was saving me to be able to scroll that list in high-track count projects.

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