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Default v5.96pre1 - September 11 2018

v5.96pre1 - September 11 2018
+ API: [Take|Track]FX_SetParamNormalized() always sets touch state, even if value did not change
+ API: fix [Take|Track]FX_EndParamEdit() when called immediately following parameter set
+ Actions: add meta-action to toggle following action armed (rather than always arm)
+ Automation items: improve selection tracking in undo state
+ MIDI: fix glitches when editing the left edges of looped MIDI items
+ MIDI: fix negative start offset peak drawing issue around tempo changes
+ MIDI: fix peak drawing bug with non-1.0 takerate, looping, tempo changes
+ Notation: set armed cursor when using armed toolbar action
+ OSC: fix FX parameter change notifications for last track in bank
+ OSC: send FX parameter state for new plug-ins/loaded project
+ OSC: send an integer value of -1 to fx/@/param in order to end touch state
+ OSC: setting FX parameters always sets touch state, even if value did not change
+ Video: allowing bypassing DirectShow video output on Windows

Full changelog - Latest pre-releases

Other additions...
+ API: add get_config_var_string() for ReaScript
+ ARA: ask plugins to respect tempo when stretching only if the project/track/item timebase is set to beats/position/length
+ ARA: don't commit suicide when user preference enabled to set media items offline when application is not active
+ ARA: fix importing notes and tempo at once
+ ARA: fix model updates from plugin
+ ARA: fix rendering short fades with large buffer sizes
+ ARA: if one instance of an ARA FX UI is already open, focus that UI when inserting a new instance of the same type of FX
+ ARA: load copied tracks even if the ARA plugin context is no longer available [p=2022675]
+ ARA: mirror edits in looped media
+ ARA: support for ARA2-compatible plugins (note: there are no publicly available ARA2-compatible plugins)
+ ASIO: permit buffer sizes that are not a power of 2 if the device does not very specifically request otherwise [t=200746]
+ Elastique: improve timing of timestretch ramps [t=204269]
+ Fade editor: fixed an obscure possible bug
+ MIDI editor: 14-bit registered parameter/non-registered parameter CC editing
+ Misc: fixed a few minor memory leaks
+ Rubberband: improve timing of timestretch ramps [t=204269]
+ Stretch markers: add new "transient-optimized" and "no pre-echo reduction" stretch marker modes
+ Stretch markers: add project setting for stretch marker mode
+ Tempo map: fix importing initial time signature from MIDI tempo map
+ Track wiring diagram view
+ VST: inform plugins of project loop selection regardless of playback state
+ VST3: always apply latent VST3 parameter changes before saving state
+ VST3: do not deactivate plugin before changing IO buffer information
+ VST3: flush buffers on stop without resetting other plugin state
+ WALTER: support complex rules for mcp.size and mcp.master.size
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