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Default Current single-channel behavior?

Apologies being slightly lazy-- Maybe somebody can save me a little experimentation.

I have in mind a chaotic chorus jsfx, which will always be stereo out, with a left 2 tap modulated delay line and a right 2 tap modulated delay line.

I want the input to hit both delay lines and want the output to always be stereo regardless whether the source track has 1 or 2 channels. If it is a two channel track then spl0 would go to the left delay line and spl1 would go to the right delay line. If it is a 1 channel track then I want the 1 channel to go to both the left and right delay lines.

I don't want to defeat a user's pin assignments if he decides to do something funky selecting in and out pins. I just want default behavior to always be stereo out with 4 modulations, regardless of mono or stereo input, assuming that the plugin is simply inserted on a track and the user has not bothered to diddle with the pin settings.

So in current Reaper implementation, if the user has only recorded a single channel into a track, will my plugin by default only receive input on spl0, or will Reaper automatically duplicate the single channel audio on both spl0 and spl1?

If my plugin will only by default receive a "mono track" on spl0, then I need to figure out the most elegant way to route spl0 into both the left and right delay lines.

But if Reaper automatically duplicates a "mono track" to both spl0 and spl1, then I don't have to do anything special at all to handle the case of "mono in, stereo out".

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