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Default 41TWIN title EP for you all

feedback is encouraged. I'm still figuring things out... I sometimes listen to older stuff I did and think, I'm not sure this newer stuff is any better. Hopefully they are progressing but it's like each song is a lesson unto itself. You know?

Also, the 3rd song was a collaboration of a dude I met a few years ago on a guitar website called TDPRI. He's been a lot of help in my music and encouraging. It's sometimes interesting how tight you can get with people you've never even seen in real life before. Since I was born in 1972, it is sometimes sort of a surreal thing to grasp..... what the internet did to us all. LOL.

41TWIN was the name of the first outdoor theater I went to, or "Drive In" movie theater. Really it was never my favorite way to watch a movie. You got bugs in the car, this one used these old squack boxes for the audio that you hung on your windows. And if you were in the backseat, you really didn't have a good seat. BUT, it was more about the event or the people you were with than the movie. OR maybe the memories of it. LOL.

In truth, I named my band this back in the 90's and it stuck cuz it maybe was the only thing I could come up with. But my first time going there was a cool memory and it was about 3 miles from where I grew up. And then I also worked at a restaurant called 41's Best Family Restaurant that was about 3 miles south of the theater. 41 is State Hwy 41. Which before the interstates were built, was a main highway. Apparently it runs all the way from Marquette Michigan (basically the top of the US in the midwest down to Miami, Florida) which is about as south as you can get in the US. Not sure if any spot in Texas is any lower. I don't think so.

So there is some history about the name of my band. Probably more than you wanted but.....

Oh, one more kind of strange thing. I named my band this back in the 90's and reused the name these last few years. But get this, my wife has worked for an Insurance company for 25 years and her building is located on the site of guess where, yeah, the 41TWIN drive in movie theater. It got shut down in the late 90's and that's what happened to it. I mean.... waaaaa? That's a weird coincidence. It wasn't like she planned it that way. In fact when she started at that company she was in a different building in downtown Milwaukee..... Weird.

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Fantastic stuff. Very high production quality. I always like your stuff anyway so always good to hear more
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Yeah, great stuff and production as always.
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Great stuff man. I enjoyed the listen. Clean and spacious, very well balanced, very pleasing sounding. Most importantly, very fun and well written and arranged tracks. You are a storyteller. Really drew me in. Especially 'Rob'.

Awesome job.

Edit: You a fan of the Barenaked Ladies at all? I'm getting a bit of this sort of vibe (not a sounds-like, but rather I'm just hearing maybe some inspiration there - please take this as a compliment). They write very engaging and whimsical songs. Tremendous musicians.
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Well thank you all!!!!

Hey, if you don't mind me asking, what type of device did you listen to it on or how did you listen. I mix with headphones and mostly listen to music that way. I do use a bluetooth speaker sometimes. The big problem is when I connect wirelessly in my wifes car. Or burn to a CD in my car, it's usually...... lacking. LOL. Ugh. I didn't test a cd in my car this time, but I did in my wife's car and I thought it sucked. I have a friend who says it sounds really good in his car and he's good at mixing his own stuff. So I don't know.....

Yeah, the Barenaked Ladies I like. But I wouldn't call myself a fan.... I remember hearing this song "All This Time" about 3 years ago or so and listening to it a bunch. And then I heard a song recently I liked. But I don't know much other than that. LOL. I've got a bit of varied influences but for some reason I never stray far from Alt Rock with a bit of.... funk? Which I think are basically my favorite type of songs to listen to.

I really appreciate the feedback and encouragement and listens folks.
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41Twin: Very nice guitar riffs and melodic vocals!

Particularly good: The variety through the different
parts - the daring vocal melodies - and last but not
least the slightly minimalist instrumentation! Great!

PS: How about reviving "41Twin" - perhaps as "42Triple"?
In any case, you can associate the name with great
creativity and great songs.
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Thank you thank you very much!!!!!!!!

I'm not changing the name. Too much history for me. I doubt it's gonna be a problem. It's out of business. I took the name over. LOL.
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