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Default Reamping with Kemper and Saffire Pro 40 Troubles

I am finally dipping my toes into reamping with reaper and what better way than to reamp with my kemper. My trouble is I am pretty sure I have the all my 1/4 cables plugged in correctly from kemper to interface but I'm really not to sure on how to route everything or set everything up in reaper. It's all very new to me and I can't find any instruction or step by step process of how to route everything properly. I have DI tracks already recorded as well. I know I'm supposed to do something in Mix Control as well but it is all very confusing to me. Just looking for some insight on how to route and set everything up to be ready to reamp. My interface is the Saffire pro 40 in case anyone missed it in the title. Appreciate all help and insight, thank you!

For reference in case my 1/4 jack cables are hooked up wrong. I have main output L&R of my kemper to line outputs 3&4 of my interface, direct output from kemper to Line Output 1 of my interface, and return input of my kemper to line input 3 of my interface.

Thank you again for your time!
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It's possible I'm misunderstanding what you are trying to do...but it doesn't sound like you are feeding any inputs from Reaper to the Kemper?

If the tracks to reamp are in Reaper right now, I'm guessing the signal flow would look something like:

Reaper -> hardware outputs of Saffire -> Kemper -> outputs of Kemper into Saffire inputs -> record-enabled tracks in Reaper

Having said all that, I've never had the luxury of using a Kemper, so I might be way off.
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Sounds like you've got inputs and outputs backwards (unless it's just a typo).
Not sure why you're using the direct out either - you don't need to.

Try this:
Saffire output 3 to return input on the Kemper
Main outputs of Kemper to whatever inputs on the Saffire you like.

Select the right input on the Kemper (Return Input Reamp) - in the input section.

That said, if I remember right the Saffire Pro has SPDIF inputs and outputs. You really should be using that for reamping. 2 SPDIF cables and you're set. This will avoid extra DA/AD conversions and will sound better.
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