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Default Modifying a Jogwheel (CC) with another CC


I'm trying to create a reaper midi editor mapping for my Maschine Studio controller. I'm trying to simulate the way the jogwheel transposes and nudges events in Maschine.

I was trying to do this using cycle actions, by using dummy modifiers to change the behaviour of the jog wheel, initially between transpose and nudge.

However, it seems cycle actions can't be used with mousewheel actions.

The behaviour I am looking for is this:

- Hold the NOTE button on the controller
The jogwheel controls transpose

- Hold the NUDGE button
The jogwheel nudges note position by grid division

The scripts I am using to do the actual editing are:
sr_Change note position by grid - no quantize (mousewheel).lua
Script: me2beats_Move notes up or down (mousewheel).lua

Is there currently a way to do this? I have the idea of a script which initalises when the modifier is pressed, which calls the appropriate mousewheel script and then terminates when the button is released. But does anyone have a better idea, or has anyone done something similar?

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Brilliant idea. Wish someone would chime in. The Studio controller's jog wheel (and its 6 pages) are immensely useful in a million ways, in midi mode. I'm messing around with it right now.
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