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Default Combind JSFX: MIDI Strum & Megababy > JSFX: Guitar Pattern Strummer

If anyone with JSFX know how is up to a challenge:



This could be used with any virtual instrument guitar, giving strumming patterns, strum speed. muted strums, base note strums, etc...
The muted keyswitches in the patterns can be sent to the associated keyswitch in your virtual instrument with a note setting.
I think with Megababy you can render the patterns to midi on the track then duplicate where needed.

The patterns are stored in Megababy and can be uploaded and shared.
ReaTrak Studio can create a midi chord track that MIDI Strum will follow.
It would work similar to how MusicLab's RealGuitars work from strum/picking patterns that follow a midi chord track.

Here's a video of MIDI Strum using Megababy:


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