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Default Display envelope level while playing

It seems I changed something in my preferences : I used to have information pointing my envelope with the mouse (for example : dB for the volume) while my track was playing.
I now have to stop playing to display the popup info, which is not convenient to me.
Any tip? Thanks
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I can't get any tooltips in the arrange area while it's playing. IDK when/if this changed, but I know it's been mildly annoying for quite a while now.
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Have you already checked the Tooltip settings under Preferences > Appearance?

And maybe try if this makes any difference:

1) Disable the options Tooltips for items/envelopes and Envelope tooltips on hover
2) Hit the [Apply] button to save the changes
3) Then Re-enable these two options again and press [OK] or [Apply] afterwards

Otherwise what's your current setup:
- Windows or macOS?
- And what Reaper version?

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