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Default JSFX for auto engaging fx

I'd like to create something to automatically engage an effect when a pedal is moved a certain way. For instance, I would like moving a pedal past 10 to unbypass a wah. Once it is on, the same pedal should control the wah's position

Going under 11 would turn the wah back off (idealy there would be a bit more to it than this,but

Can anyone make something like this based on the psudocode below?

inCC // the cc# you want as a control
outCC // the cc# you want to send the output date to
threshold //checks the level of inCC. If inCC <=10 then outCC sends 0 to the cc# specified in outCC.
//IF inCC > 10 then outCC sends 127 to the cc# specified in outCC.
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