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Default "Arm" checkbox for envelopes unnecessary and confusing

Seems to me only TWO checkboxes are required in the track automation panel:

1) If you want an envelope to be active check the box next to item's name. The automation MODE then selects if it's playing back or recording and how.

2) If you want to See/Hide the envelope in the arranger window check/uncheck the "visible" box. Whether or not the track is visible should have no affect on its function.

As far as I can tell that takes care of every possible scenario for automation: Is it active, Yes/No - can you see it, Yes/No.

Meanwhile we have a confusing THIRD checkbox called "Arm" that reacts differently under the same situations.

For example, if you right-click on an envelope in the lane and select "Hide" it hides the envelope lane BUT KEEPS IT ACTIVE ("Armed"). Conversely, if you hide the envelope by unchecking "visible" in the automation panel it hides the envelope lane AND makes it INACTIVE (disarms it).

That setup is very, VERY confusing and does not appear to add any value. If there is a logical purpose for "Arm" as a separate variable please advise!
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