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Default Create Aux-Buss Track & Return Track for Selected Tracks all contained in a Folder

I want to execute a cycle action to automatically create a buss track for the selected tracks

Similar Script which has routing taken care of & prompts for chosing the name of the parent folder: MPL's 'Create a new layer track from selected instrument tracks'

List of Actions:

a. Create a new Track named %buss track
b. Route Audio (Post Fader) from selected tracks to this new track
c. Un-check Master Send for thselected tracks

a. Create another new Track name % Return FX Track
Route Audio from Buss track to Return FX Track(Post Fader)

3. Contain all the tracks (Buss, Return & Selected Tracks) inside a Folder named %

% is the Folder Name entered on a dialogue box prompted just as you run the action
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