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Default Q: Video Effect: Spectrum Analyzer - How to add Slope & Smoothing

Edit: Moved to Video section as I just realized Video Processor is not a JSFX.

I'm trying to add spectrum analysis to a video, and found out the awesome preset "Synthesis: Decorative Spectrum Analyzer (requires JSFX video sample peeker)".

To make video looks nicer, I would like to expand the rendered look of the spectrum output display. The problem is that, being terrible at math, 150 lines of undocumented dsp goes through my head like air. Thus I come here for help.

The question is, is there a simple way to add Slope and Smoothing/Intergrate parameter to the preset? Or did anyone already modified this preset for such purpose? As an example, both parameters can be found in sai'ke's stunning and wonderful Spectral Analyzer(s).

An alternative method to approach this is to insert a JSFX prior to video sample peeker that averages the input signal being sent to the video processor, but again being a total noob in dsp, I did not really understand how to do so.

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