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Default Picture in Picture videos in REAPER?

Hello everybody,

Well, I know this is pretty much a stupid request, since REAPER is mainly an audio recording and editing tool. Yet I was thinking that, if REAPER can handle video files as well as audio files, and if it can be used to sync audio to a video file, could it be possible to make picture-in-picture videos with REAPER in the future? Just like in other specialized software such as Sony Vegas. I mean, not necessarily with video transition effects and stuff like that, but I'd like to be able at least to have that picture-in-picture stuff...

Again, I know it sound pretty stupid and I know you guys might just tell me to use a specialized software to do that, but I've tried several video editing software so far and I've experienced all sort of problems - Sony Vegas doesn't work, and the output files take a lot of HDD space (and my videos are 480p, lol), other software simply do not support the mp4 video format input...

And I pretty much hate to use other video extensions and other video compression methods, for, as far as I know, every reconversion of a video means a loss in the quality (even if it's just a tiny bit). And, since my videos are not HD or high quality at all (I use a Sony Ericsson Zylo camera), I pretty much can't afford losing any more quality...

I am pretty happy with the conversion I've achieved with REAPER so far, so I'd be really happy if a picture-in-picture option would be available in a future version of REAPER.

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Default Picture in Picture

Hi Viruselworm,
even if this is an old topic, I tell you that picture in picture works in Reaper 5.
I don't know Vegas but for sure it works (much) better than iMovie or other free softwares.
Simply put two video track simultaneously playing on two different tracks, add the video processor plugin, preset "Track opacity/zoom/pan".
Then reduce the zoom to the track on top.
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like viruselworm said, but I'd add one more thing:
put the video processor plugin as a "Take-FX"-Item effect, as under some circumstances, the video-processor-plugin applies itself to all videos if used as a "standard"-track FX.

You can even control the picture in picture using envelopes, so you have full control of it
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