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Default Theme Adjuster - MCP needs "Align Controls"

Requests for the new Reaper 6 theme:

The MCP section in the Theme Adjuster needs an "Align Controls" setting just like the one in the TCP section.

Might as well request one more thing while I'm at it- an option for the tracks footer (the part where the track # is located) to be colored but not the rest of the track. It is overwhelmingly colorful and hard on the eyes in my opinion.

See photos for details (I'm using the Commala 5 theme in the photos to get my point across).

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It always does align the controls. Do you mean you don't want it to? Perhaps post a screenshot of what you're seeing.
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I think the Theme Adjuster should/could have controls to change or modify the elements of the UI..
(more so than now)

-For instance:
It could be used to Resize track elements like say, selecting the Rec or Volume knob and reducing its proportional size..

It could be used to change some UI elements, like for instance,
there could be 10 or 100 models of Volume knobs, that we could browse/choose from.

(the same applies for any UI element, and what's good is we have a Massive Pool of elements to gather from the thousand themes on the Stash!)

And it could also be used to Color elements of the UI, or even overlay Textures on them..

-This is just on top of my head, but think about it..

If we took apart all the Themes on the Stash, and put together pools of UI elements, we would have a Massive amount of possible UI elements to select from.. and thus we could very easily create New Themes, or just get the best elements to make the Mother of all Themes.

And that's my 1/4 cent..

IOW, I think the Theme Adjuster could/should be converted into a full fledged Theme Editor,
and this would SIMPLIFY a big deal the process of creating new Themes, by just selecting and resizing the UI elements of our preference.

(instead of having to break our innocent brains with a pretty much undecipherable walter system..)
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