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Default Midi Sync and Asio, same Ninjam client

After some frustration with not having Asio and Midi sync available at the same time, I took a look around for solutions. Nothing really worked since the wasabi client didnt support Asio.

Here's the solution.
Download the Ninjam wasabi client here (It provides midi sync capabilities): Download

Unzip the files into a folder somewhere. Download the attached njasiodrv.dll (inside of, then place it inside the folder that you made for the Ninjam wasabi client.

It should look like this:

Run the client and Asio support should now be enabled.

This file does not contain a virus, here is a scan: Scan

Hope this helps people in a similar circumstance.
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Default very gradual drift

This is working extremely well for me with outboard gear. But, I've noticed that the midi clock sync drifts very slowly over long period of time. I can correct for this as it drifts using the main control on the Sync-Shift MK-III (which allows me to adjust clock latency between my gear and my computer) but I only have about 20-30 minutes before I run out of travel in the control and must stop and resync. I've noticed that raising the process priority of wasabi_ninjam.exe to realtime seems to help a little. Any thoughts on this?

-Matt G
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Default It's been... awhile

It's been quite a long time since I looked at this (the day I originally posted this some 3+ years ago), but if you want I can take a look at it again and do some testing on Win 7 and see if I can fix the issue.

I'm fairly certain I compiled this on Win XP and don't remember that being an issue, but I could have overlooked it at the time.

Let me see if I can find the source and fix the problem, no promise though, it's been ages since I've looked at it and I'm not sure I have a copy anymore (or that anyone has a copy of Wasabi for that matter).

I'll let you know one way or the other.

edit: I just saw in your other post you are hosting some ninjam servers, I'll do my latency testing there.

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Default This is really cool

I just found your client, I knew ninjam since quite a long time and didnt know there was a version with midi sync, really wished reaper had such functionality in reaninjam, but well.
I'm still to manage to get reaper to sync correctly to this client,
but meanwhile i'm playing around with the mobius loop app (theres also a 32bit vst) to sync to ninjam servers and works nicely.
I've set your client to send midi time sync to the mobius app via loopbe (virtual midi loop device).
I've got 4 tracks in mobius where I record my electric guitar, the first track, the master, syncs to the midi device, so it syncs to ninjam, the other tracks are slaves to the first track
As neovalis mentioned it actually misses a few beats now and then. Mobius has a display that shows the current bpm/bar/beat. For example, if the ninjam server is working with 130bpm, mobius shows almost all the time 130.0 bpm, but at some point, for about 1 or 2 seconds it shows 129.8bpm, and it slightly and slowly starts to drift from the metro sync. At the beginning.
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