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Originally Posted by RDBOIS View Post
8: The spoken voice “Claps your hands if you want too” was cut (mistake?) This prompted a WTF moment right at the start of the song, which is a bad place. I say too bad because the mix was actually very good. I would have been my number 1, but ended up my number 3. I really liked the vocals and the overall balance.


Forgot to explain in my last message: to understanding what I mean, listen to the kick in mix 8. This is a clean kick! He mentioned something about gating the kick... This was needed to get rid of the bleed. His kick is goooood.
Thanks bro Two EQs then a compressor, all three follow a gate: http://puu.sh/vBKra/3e03e18775.png

Interesting to see the results.

I removed the 'if you want to' because originally I did not understand what she was saying. I thought it was 'one, two'. After submitting I listened to some versions on youtube and they brought out the 'if you want to' and I was able to understand it better. I wonder if you'd still notice if you'd never heard the song before. To my mixer friend I showed it to (a pro.. actually makes money doing this, unlike myself XD) the first thing he pointed out was the piano is too quiet (agree) and the bass too loud (I'm a bassist... go figure)

As for the winner, congrats Mawi! But I want to add, that I didn't vote for you because I couldn't hear the background vox 'ooh' sustains very well and I thought the bass was too quiet and didn't come through on non-headphone playback systems. I also thought the hi-hat was too loud. I loved the lead vocal though
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I see no rule stating only 1 mix.
Why don't people submit 2?
A/b mixes,this is what snapshots are for yeah?
The differences can be quite considerable!
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Congratutlations to the winner, you were also the best mix for me (I voted 2, 5, 11 I guess). I do think there wasn't a perfect mix, but I didn't write down notes, so I don't remeber anymore. Next time I'm going to take notes of all mixes too and also share them with you all.
For my own mix, thanx for the feedback. Next time I'm gonna take more time for it, especially finding a reference track. This mix is a genre that I don't listen very often to, and I think all the critics come down to missing reference. I got some notes on the vocals for another track I did last week too, so... Next one's going to be better, promise
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Originally Posted by mawi View Post
Hey 3ee, I just studied your REAPER Project. Interesting that you have pitched the drums and the piano down 1 octave. Why did you do that?
I always use pitch-shifting... if dynamic tools glue things "vertically" , I find that frequency type ones like pitch-shifting glue things "horizontally" , gives them weight and/or extends spectrum, filling out any freq-holes

pitch-shifting like -5st, -12, +5, +7 etc ... and even freq shifters for non-harmonic stuff will do just fine
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