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Default Volume fader range and Volume Envelope range?

Hello Guys,
I do not know if this is a bug but I have a question about the automation of the Volume Envelope. In my REAPER Preferences I set my Volume fader range from -96 to +12 dB. Now when I set the Volume Fader from a Track to +12 dB and activate then the Volume Envelope for this Track, the Volume Fader jumps back to 0 dB and the Volume Envelope is set to +12 dB. Wouldn’t it be better if the Volume fader stays at +12 dB and the Volume Envelope is set to 0 dB? Because now I can not increase the Volume Envelope only decrease. In the REAPER Preferences I have set my Volume envelope range to –inf..+6 dB but unfortunately I can’t use further +6 dB in the Volume Envelope. So, I would find it better if the Volume fader stays at +12 dB and the Volume Envelope is set to 0 dB so that I have further +6 dB in the Volume Envelope.
Best regards
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Agreed. I use track volume as a trim and don't like it being zeroed and transferred to the volume envelope when I add one.

As a side note, is there any chance we can have more flexibility in the envelope range? REAPER used to clamp display of nodes above +6 dB to the top but not prevent their entry, but now it also clamps the values themselves, making dramatic volume automation impossible without centring the envelope on a negative number, which kind of defeats the purpose of having multiple volume elements (the ability to have each centred on 0 dB).
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There's an option to change that (if I didn't misunderstand the problem)


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