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Default Glitching on loop boundry. DC offset? (FIXED)


I am new to reaper but noticed looping is not very smooth. I have a relatively small project open (for my i7 setup) with about 6 VSTi's, and a couple fx inserts. I am running at 128 samples on a Lynx L22 with double output buffers enabled and I am getting snaps/crackles (no pop lol) when my 8 bar loop loops back at the start. Otherwise its smooth, slick, and only using 0-1% CPU.

I tried the Motif XS8 as an audio device to eliminate the Lynx as a source of the problem and I get the same thing.

It happens at any asio buffer from 64 to 512. I think its safe to say its a reaper issue. I tried playing with the various fx options, disabling anticipative fx, etc but nothing seems to change the outcome.

At loop boundries I get a snap.

Edit: I've isolated the glitch to the TRacks3 plugins. Insert the soft-clipper and it glitches. Hope this helps. Also reproducible with a UAD-2 VCA VU plugin. Now I'm thinking its a problem with delay compensation?


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Fixed in 3.23pre1 x64, however there is now crackling with Anticipative FX and UAD-2 enabled. Removing Anticipative FX == smooth looping with UAD-2!
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