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Default Glue different item types, strange behavior...

I guess this is a real bug, and not just a nitpick...

When gluing items of different types (audio and MIDI), which can happen involuntarily (for instance), Reaper behaves strangely. The glue does not generate a single new file but the second item is renamed to the same as the first item (including the added "glued"). And this seems strange to me. If the glue does not add the two files together, it should not rename the second file in the way it does, but simply add "glued" to the original name.

In addition, with empty items it's even stranger. Gluing empty MIDI item + empty audio item (in that order), you get one empty MIDI item, named as above. That is, the empty audio item is converted to a MIDI item. I guess that's fine. But...

If you glue an empty audio item + an empty MIDI item (in that order), then you do not get a single file, there's no conversion of the empty MIDI item into an empty audio item. But, the MIDI item gets its name changed to simply "glued". And the empty audio item gets resampled to 48kHz, even though my default audio format is 44.1kHz 24 bit!

And why does glue remove the notes? It should retain the note of at least the first item. Yes, I know that glue creates a new item, but this new item could/should retain the notes of the item it came from.
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uh huh, strange things happening here too. This never used to happen.
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