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Default JS MIDI plugin : CC vectorpad

This is a X-Y pad sending CC values via the mouse and/or a path of 4 vectors .

See video :

Howto :
1) Drag the red point with left button pressed (or right click).
2) "Speed" : when transport is playing, the yellow point follows the white path (based on the beat).
3) "Attraction" : red point's attraction to the yellow point.
4) Press Ctrl to drag all points.
5) Press Shift + left click + righ click to reset the path.
6) Automation : click X-Y sliders and select "param" -> "show track envelope" to record values.
To read recorded envelopes, first set speed and attraction to 0 (only sliders will move).
When CC is not supported, I guess one can use parameter modulation linked to X-Y.

This is my first plugin, so perhaps buggy (I don't fully understand the midi part), so please let me know if anything goes wrong.

Question : is it possible to record an envelope for the plugin parameter that is controlled by the CC coming from vectorpad ?
For now I simply copy paste the vectorpad envelope to the plugin envelope, but I find it frustrating to watch the faders move but no envelope is recorded.
EDIT : the answer is to use Jeffo's MIDItoReaControlPath after vectorpad, to route CC to Reaper's control path so that you can use midi learn and record your plugin's envelopes.
First download MIDItoReaControlPath :
Extract and put the dll in your VST folder.

1) Create a track with (in this order) :
Vectorpad --> MIDItoReaControlPath --> VST to be controlled
You can leave the default settings for MIDItoReaControlPath or select Control Change for his second slider.

2) In your VST, tweak a knob you wish to link to X, select param -> learn.
In the learn window, the CC for Y (not X) will appear (Y-CC are sent all the time from vectorpad, a bug to be corrected).
Just change the Y-CC in vectorpad to the desired number for X (CC-20 by default) and close the learn window.
Repeat with another knob for Y : tweak knob, select param learn, change Y-CC back to its default value 21 (or any other), close learn window.

3) Record envelopes :
* right-click the envelope button of your track, select "write" mode.
* Hit record or play on the transport and use vectorpad to control the VST.

The parameter envelopes of your VST should be recorded (as well as envelopes for vectorpad X-Y that you can bypass or delete), if not you may have to record-arm them before you play (like in the video).

Anyway have fun with it !

Update : Press Shift + left click + righ click to reset the path.
Direct link :

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