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Default Glitchin' on WIN7

Please let me know what should i do :
None of my DAW's on my 64bit Win7 are doing the same, only REAPER.It's glitching like hell.
I use the latest version of course. If i use the same plugin chain in Cubase or Abelton Live with the ASIO driver for my EMU 1212m or M-Audio 610 - there is no problem.
If i build the same chain in REAPER even if i use the ASIO drivers it's glitching, and it makes me crazy, because i cant work this way.

The best i was able to do to change the priority to the highest of the 32bit_reaper.exe what is started in the background in case i use 32bit VST plugins. But it's still glitching only not so often.
If i check the task manager, i see the REAPER is barely using my 3.33Ghz 6 core Extreme i7
but it's glitching,crackling.... Why is this? I'm going mad. I'm using DAW's since 1998, i know all the latency issues and ASIO problems, but i simply can't figure out what's going on here.
I repeat if i use the same chain in any other DAW , there no glitching no problem.

I love reaper, i love how it work, i support it , i love the community, but this error kills me.

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